Gaami Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Gaami Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Gaami Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    Vidyadhar Kagita
  • Cast:
    Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary, Abhinaya
  • Banner:
    Karthik Kult Kreations, V Celluloid, VR Global Media, Swetha Vahini Studios Ltd, Clown Pictures
  • Producer:
    Karthik Sabareesh, Swetha Moravaneni
  • Music:
    Sweekar Agasthi, Naresh Kumaran, Naresh Kumaran
  • Release Dt :
    Mar, 08 2024


Shankar, played by Vishwaksen, is an Aghora with a unique affliction - he faints when touched by another person. Determined to find a remedy, he sets off on a quest to locate the elusive Mali Patra flower, known to have the solution, atop the Dronagiri mountain. Meanwhile, a group of doctors subjects innocent individuals to horrific experiments, while in a separate narrative, villagers tirelessly search for Uma, the daughter of the Devadasi Durga, portrayed by Abhinaya. As Shankar's journey unfolds, his connection to the other stories becomes apparent. The outcome of his quest for the flower, as well as the revelation of Jahnavi's role in the narrative, gradually come to light.


Gaami Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

We have to acknowledge the unwavering commitment of the creators in delivering an exceptional outcome with the resources at hand. Director Vidyadhar Kagita, with the technical crew and cast, deserve commendation for their invaluable contributions. Vishwaksen's portrayal as an Aghora is captivating, utilizing minimal dialogue and expressive acting to deliver a compelling performance. Chandini Chowdhary skillfully embodies her character as Shankar's accompanying doctor. Harika Pedada's depiction of Uma and Mohammad Samad's portrayal of the young prisoner CT-333 are praiseworthy, with the remaining cast delivering solid performances within their respective limitations. The visuals captured in the Himalayas are awe-inspiring, further enhanced by the exceptional music crafted by the talented technical team.

While the story is intriguing, the pace of the screenplay, particularly in the first half, could have been better. The director should have placed greater emphasis on maintaining the momentum throughout. Scenes involving the experiments could have been presented in a more dynamic manner to heighten the film's dramatic impact. Moreover, the revelation of twists and subsequent climax scenes could have been executed more effectively to elevate the overall quality of the film. It is important to note that the movie is not without its flaws.


It would have been wiser for the director to have given more thought to crucial details, such as the absence of gloves while wandering in the freezing environment. Vidyadhar Kagita, a director making his debut, should be commended for his unique and rarely explored concept, but it would have been advantageous to dedicate more attention to the screenplay.

The exceptional music and cinematography of the film, skillfully crafted by Naresh Kumaran and Vishwanath Reddy Ch, are its most notable aspects. Despite limited resources, the team has managed to achieve remarkable outcomes. However, some unfinished work in the editing department still needs to be addressed.

Final Word

Vishwak Sen and his team deliver a challenging film which may not appeal to everyone.

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  • Gaami Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Gaami Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew